Captain Steven Cliff and his wife Shelagh built Long Bay House in the early 1950’s. They selected the best spot for a house on all of Long Bay Beach with over 20 feet of elevation. Captain Cliff was one of Winston Churchill’s personal pilots during World War II and acquired this special property through a land grant from the Queen of England.

Green Turtle Cay is not just a beautiful tourist destination but also has a long history beginning with the American Revolution. New Plymouth is a real town, not something created for people to visit. It was established in 1786 by Loyalists to the English Crown seeking a new place to live after leaving the “new” United States of America following the war for independence. Over the many years since New Plymouth was founded, the residents have supported themselves by fishing, sponging, salvaging, the pineapple trade and sisal growing.

There is still a very active crawfish industry (spiny lobster) with a fish house in New Plymouth. A few even trap Stone Crabs in season. Green Turtle Cay has seen a lot of history for an island only 3 miles long and a half mile wide.