Things To Do in Green Turtle Cay

While there are many things to do in Green Turtle Cay, you could simply never leave Long Bay House:  In the morning, the sun rises over the Atlantic Ocean. Swim to your heart’s content at the beach or pool. Walk along Long Bay Beach every morning and evening. A walk up and down the entire beach is more than two miles. There are few houses on the beach. Enjoy the beach, without the sun, in our elevated beach gazebo. It is a great place to read. Stroll around the two acre property and pick coconuts, sour oranges, key limes, bananas, and mangoes when in season. Enjoy the hundreds of coconut palms, tropical flowers and foliage. Cool off in the freshwater pool or just lounge poolside. Enjoy sunsets in the observation tower. In the evening, the stars shine brighter than you can imagine. When your day is over, you can retreat to your air conditioned house.

Green Turtle Club and Bluff House:  Located farther north, but offering even more things to do in Green Turtle Cay, are the cay’s two resorts, Green Turtle Club and Bluff House. They both offer dining on White Sound. If you are planning a wedding or other event, they are perfect locations for your guests. Both offer live music once a week. Contact them directly to learn the current schedule. Green Turtle Club now offers vegetarian specialties on its menus.

Leeward Yacht Club:  This is a close, convenient place to keep your boat. The marina is located 400 yards from Long Bay House.  Visit the Lizard Bar and Grill for some drinks and good food.  There is also a tennis court.  Check in at the office and reserve your court time.

Tennis and Pickle Ball at Leeward Yacht Club

Leeward Yacht Club offers tennis and Pickle Ball.  In case you are not familiar with Pickle Ball, it is a paddle game played on a badminton size court.  It is a combination of ping-pong, tennis and badminton played with paddles and a ball over a ground level net.  The court is much smaller than a tennis court, so there is not as much running involved.

Visit New Plymouth:  The village of New Plymouth was originally settled in 1786 by Loyalists to the British Crown seeking a new place to live after the United States’ Revolutionary War. This historic town is located on the southern end of Green Turtle Cay and is accessible by foot or by golf cart. It is just a 4 minute golf cart ride from Long Bay House or a 12-15 minute stroll. Golf carts are the way most people get around the island and visitors usually rent at least one (which holds four people). We can help you make a decision. You do not need a golf cart to visit New Plymouth or Leeward Yacht Club, but if you want to explore the rest of the island, you will.

In New Plymouth you will find homes dating back to 1800. Pick up a copy of the Architectural Walking Tour booklet for a wonderful self-guided tour of Historic New Plymouth. Don’t miss the Albert Lowe Museum, Vert’s Model Ship shop, and the Memorial Sculpture Garden.

New Plymouth is also where you will find small grocery stores, several restaurants and bars as well as the Cay’s two liquor stores. No matter how much privacy you want, it is nice to be close to town when the urge hits you.

Just outside New Plymouth and steps away from Long Bay House, Alton Lowe, the Bahamas most famous artist, maintains his studio. It is often open to the public. His oil paintings of the Bahamas and its people are well worth seeing. Inquire to determine if a visit is possible.

Boating at Long Bay House:  Having some of the clearest, prettiest water you will ever see makes boating in the Abacos a fantastic experience. If you don’t bring your own boat, a variety of rental boats are available. If you bring your own boat, there are a number of nearby marinas.

  • Leeward Yacht Club | 242-577-4111 — this facility is world-class and only 300 yards down the road.
  • Other Shore Club | 242-365-4531 — on Black Sound and only five minutes away.
If you want to rent a boat, you can contact:
  • Reef Rentals | 242-365-4145
  • Sunset Marine and Boat Rentals | 242-365-4634 or
  • Donnies | 242-365-4119

Scuba Diving near Green Turtle Cay:  The Waters off of Green Turtle Cay are some of the prettiest you will ever see. The Cay has an array of reefs that run parallel to the entire length of the island. In many places there are inner, middle and outer reefs, all within a mile of the house. You can swim right off Long Bay Beach, but if you prefer to explore the reefs, you have several options. You can rent a boat and go diving on your own, or if you prefer a guide for snorkeling or scuba diving, you can contact Green Turtle Cay’s renowned dive master, Brendal Stevens. Brendal also rents kayaks, paddle boards, and bicycles.

You can check out his website at 

Fishing near Green Turtle Cay:  Imagine a place where you can cast your line in the surf, go out to the flats, fish the reefs, or go deep-sea fishing. Could anything be better? We have some of the finest fishing you will find anywhere in the Bahamas, including world class bonefishing. You can try your luck on your own or you can arrange to have one of the Cay’s finest guides take you out for a day.

  • Eddie Boddie | 242-365-4069 | ocean and reef fishing
  • Rick Sawyer | 242-365-4261 | | bonefishing, ocean and reef fishing
  • Ronnie Sawyer | 242-365-4070 | bonefishing
  • Jeff Survance | 242-365-4040 | bonefishing
  • Lincoln Jones | 242-365-4223 | reef fishing, snorkeling and picnic adventures to other islands for the entire family