THE PROPERTY – Fruits, Flowers, and Birds

The property provides 2 acres of lush gardens and grounds to enjoy. These two acres have many different tropical plants. There are dozens of coconut trees some of which will probably have ripe coconuts while you are there. Ask the property caretaker to cut some down and open them for you. Depending on how ripe they are, you can either enjoy the meat or the juice.

Several sour orange trees produce beautiful but sour (perfect for orange-ade or on fish) oranges from late fall to early spring. Mangos, bananas and papayas are sometimes available as well as lesser known fruits such as sapodillas, Surinam cherries and Barbados cherries.

Something is always in bloom on the property. There are hibiscus in many colors, bougainvillea, jatropha, panama rose, beach daisies, allamanda, ixora, frangipani, orchids, and more. All bloom according to the season.

As you would expect, birds, both local and migratory, abound. Bahama Mockingbirds, White-crowned Pigeons, herons, certain warblers, Bananaquits and various seaside birds are almost always present, including Bill the Bird a night heron who frequents the pool. April and October are the best months to see migrating birds. Various warblers (including the rare Kirtland’s warbler), hummingbirds (Cuban emeralds and the much less common Bahama Woodstar), flycatchers along with many others migrate through. Serious bird watchers will want to check into birding tours offered on the main island of Abaco. The Abaco Parrot which nests in the ground on the south end of the big island of Abaco is the focus of many tours. Unfortunately, the Abaco Parrot does not nest near Green Turtle.